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Encinitas, CA
​San Diego County Loft Addition

Turn your high ceiling into a new by hiring expert retrofit loft designer TRULOFT and specialized builder CALOFT. The two companies work hand in hand as partnership corporations to blanket San Diego County bring the best of the best. Allied together since 2004 are; Chris Doering (the Loft Dog), Luis Salcido (owner and general contractor CALOFT), Aaron Herenandez (owner and general contractor CALOFT)
Get a free estimate for doing a loft addition in your home. We have nearly 20 years of experience working together doing loft additions.

San Diego has the #1 design build team in TRULOFT/CALOFT!
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San Diego County Loft Additions by CALOFT
​TRULOFT design
High ceiling conversion design in conceptual walk-through and 3D imagery.

Get a free quote from a licensed general contractor in San Diego for the specialty service of converting a high ceiling into a new room. These types of room additions and remodeling projects are highly cost effective and when performed by an expert can add both space and value to your home.
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CA LOFT / The high ceiling conversion experts are the original partners for TRULOFT when it began about 10 years ago. Now advanced as a corporate partnership CA LOFT and TRULOFT have expanded service coverage from Orange County, Riverside county, San Bernardino and Los Angeles County to San Diego California. 

Aaron Hernandez and Luis Salcido are now the owners of Lofts by Aaron and Luis Inc, a licensed corporation specializing in the construction of loft additions in California. Their DBA "CA LOFT" is now the premier high ceiling conversion expert in San Diego County.

<![CDATA[Client Submitted Timelapse Video of Loft Addition in Escondido]]>Fri, 24 Jun 2022 23:21:30 GMThttp://caloft.com/blog/client-submitted-timelapse-video-of-loft-addition-in-escondidoEscondido Loft Addition
​High Ceiling Conversion Project
Homeowner submitted
CA LOFT with TRULOFT designed and built this new bedroom addition with open loft / mezzanine over the high ceiling space. We kept the new ceiling (floor system above) at 9 feet, plus we added a coffer ceiling which made the ceiling below even higher.

Converting your high ceiling into a new functional room addition is our expertise. This is our niche.
<![CDATA[My Testimonial About The Contractor]]>Mon, 28 Mar 2022 17:30:44 GMThttp://caloft.com/blog/my-testimonial-about-the-contractorGreetings to all,

I am Chris Doering of C.E. Brandcast Consulting. I have been working with Aaron Hernandez and Luis Salsido since 2004. That's the year I entered into the business of converting high ceilings into new rooms. At that time Luis and Aaron, now the owners and general contractors of CA LOFT, had already been mastering their loft addition craftsmanship skills for at least four years. 

It didn't take long for me to realize that I was working with some very skillful tradesmen that had a real heart for their specialty. This duo has been turning high ceilings into new rooms for as long as I've known them. 

​Stay connected to our loft blog as I report on the amazing projects CA LOFT produces.  ]]>